The purpose of arranging “The Nation Builders Award ceremony” is to pay tribute to Teachers from minorities (Christian community) who were never recognized in the history of Pakistan. These Teachers served the Nation of Pakistan and the Humanities to build an educated society. In the History of Pakistan, All Schools and educational Institutions were established by Christian Missionaries but after the creation of Pakistan, Christians are persecuted. While All politicians, Bureaucrats, Army Officers, Sports men and women, Judges, and Lawyers, studied in these Christian institutes.

Nation Builders (Teachers) Award Ceremony

Forman Christian College was founded in 1864 by American Presbyterian missionary Charles William Forman. FCC is the only institution in Pakistan that is a member of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance. There are hundreds of Christian schools, colleges, and vocational institutes like King Edward Medical University, Lahore (Founded in 1860) Kinnaird College For Women University (Founded in 1913), Edwardes College Peshawar (Founded in 1900), Karachi Grammar School (Founded in 1847) etc. But there is no arranged such event for Christian Teachers to give a tribute to them. We arranged this Nation Builders Award Ceremony, to bring awareness about Nation Builders who promoted education in Pakistan. We hope by this activity the Majority will know the impact full work of minorities.

Honorable Guests:

  1. Mr. Rana Mubashar Iqbal (Federal Minister)
  2. Asha Raza (Senator)
  3. Rashid Masih (Vice Chairman Holy Light Foundation)
  4. Mr. Rizwan Khan (UN-Strategy Group Member-My World 2015)
  5. Mrs. Eric – Saint John High school
  6. Dr. Christy Munir (Board of Director FC College, Dar-Ul-Hikmat)
  7. Opening Prayer:
  8. Rev. Irshad Ashknaz Church of Pakistan
  9. Speakers:
  10. 1. Shahzad Ansar (FC College –Urdu Professor
  11. 2. Tabish Sahib (FC College – English Professor)
  12. 3. Kaleem Shahzad (CEO HLF)
  13. 4. Dr. Christy Munir (Former Fc College Principal, Board of Director FC College, Dar-Ul-Hikmat)

Award Ceremony

Let’s together encourage the Nation Builders and bring awareness to the general public of Pakistan. Holy Light is determined to honor these Nation Builders every year by arranging a social event. Stand with Us to encourage these Nation Builders who promoted education in Pakistan and around the world.

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