Human Trafficking is becoming one of the biggest money-making industries in the world because unlike firearms a person can be sold over and over. Some People are slowly becoming aware of media and there are many things we can bring in human society and we need to save innocent lives.

Traffickers Market:

The largest number of victims trafficked internationally still come from Southeast Asia; over 225,000 each year. Pakistan, Nepal and India are the key destination countries. In muslim countries like Pakistan, People give their daughters 9-12 years old to aged men for marriage as an Islamic tradition. The young girls are often offered as brides as a form of “compensation” to settle disputes between families, tribes or whole villages. Mostly the system of Panchayat/ Jirga/decides these marriages in swara/vani. It is a result of punishment decided by a council of tribal elders/family. Girls don’t go to the police and court and don’t highlight such causes because the victimized girls have to bear it all “for their families’ respect and accept it as a religious tradition that women have no rights for their life or marriage.

  1. 4 million underage children are forced to work
  2. 1 million of these young boys live on the streets
  3. They Work 14 hours a day and the Main type of work they do is picking up garbage, if they do not make 200 rupees ($1) a day and they are beaten.
  4. Every bus driver and man sexually abused and rapes these boys as young as 6 years old by bribing them with a soft drink when they are without food for days and days at a time. These millions of children are easy targets for traffickers to force them into prostitution.

Sexual Abuse of Street Children

Even though this inhumanity is happening all over Pakistan, in just the city of Peshawar alone there are more than 5000 street boys most of which are all boys. Bus and truck terminals is where most of the sexual abuse happens to these young boys. The boys are starving and wandering the streets so they are easily lured by food and shelter and then sold and raped. 95% of truck drivers say their Main entertainment is having sex with boys. Most street boys are hooked on heroin. These children are easy access for extremist muslims to use them for suicide blasts after brainwashing them. Law enforcers don’t listen to the cries and the gov doesn’t implement the laws. These young girls and boys are also trafficked to Arab and golf countries for sex and cheap labor.

Rescued Children