Because of YOU

Because of YOU

Thousands globally have heard the message of the gospel. I am sure many times you can feel unseen or under-appreciated for all you do but on behalf of me and my ministry team, WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!! Each one of us burns with a desire to see the Lord glorified across the globe, for his sweet fragrance and love to consume everything, for every broken and lost human to meet face to face with the most extravagant loving Father who says your past and your sins do not define you and no other voice but Gods is truth.

Because of You

We daily pray for you in every aspect of your life and also what God tells us to press in for you, we fast and believe triple portion all over every financial gift you give.

We are thankful that you decided to stay on this journey with us to ultimately abolish slavery worldwide and destroy the fort of darkness and empower and raise up a generation of peacemakers in every nation. Our heart is not to go into every nation and take over but to teach them to see who they are and that each tribe, nation, a people group is beautiful and God is calling them to Rise up and change their nation and take their territory back from the enemy, to train and equip men and woman to create sustainable businesses so poverty ends and slavery ends in a huge way.


Because of you thousands globally have heard the message that they are priceless with our priceless bracelets going to events, church functions, rehabs, prisons, on the streets of Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Hawaii, and the US. high schools, elementary schools, and businesses of all kinds. Girls rescued from slavery were encountered by the Love of God just by being given that simple message saying they are priceless. Stories of the girls on the streets of Seattle who were sold for $5 by their parents began to cry as they heard they are priceless because all they thought is the lies they were told to believe their whole lives. There are right now teams throughout Michigan who never knew how to evangelize but with the message of priceless they now walk in boldness and weekly go to the streets and it’s growing. Because of you hundreds of youth have hope more than ever, youth who stopped cutting their wrists daily to escape pain, marriages restored after abuse and infidelity, and woman rescued out of domestic violence, and now thriving and empowered. 


Because of youwe created a clothing line called Lavish which participated in LA fashion week, created 2 photo shoots in Hollywood and Malibu beach with models which each had been sexually abused and used just to live out their dreams of being a model, they now walk with their heads held high, because they know that there is a Heavenly Father in heaven that loves who they are. We are changing the mindsets of girls today about what beauty is because of you.


Because of youwe have rescued lives out of child labor and out of the hands of rapists
Because of you we are continually rescuing families out of persecution from their families trying to kill them because they converted into Christianity from Islam, churches are even scared to have them there but because of you they are in safe homes and their families are being visited by God.

Because of youthe justice of God is happening for the children that feel their cries will go unheard, for those living in trash dumps, in slums there is light sparkling in their eyes, because of You in any condition willing to pray willing to out of nothing at times give. WE ARE BEING THE MESSAGE WE ARE LOVE.

We do not share often the realities of what our team goes through especially in Pakistan because the battle is intense, what we do there is hated and condemned to death by the majority of the nation as it’s 95% Muslim. No matter the constant death threats on my team, what God says is what we listen to and act upon. It can feel many times the enemies are enclosed around us but we see the angels enclosed around us We are taking back all the enemy has stolen from us. Thank you for standing with us.

Because of youWe are reaching to the lost souls and winning souls for the Kingdom of Jesus.

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