Protest to Stop Christians Genocide and Persecution in Pakistan

Protest to Stop Christians Genocide and Persecution in Pakistan

Lazarus Nazir Masih a 72 years old christian man was viciously attacked by the mob of thousand of Muslims on 25th May 2024 in Sargodah, Pakistan. Muslim mob beat him with bricks, stones, and rods, and attempted to kill him.

Kaleem Shahzad with the Christian Lawyers Alliance Pakistan and with the Bishops of the National Bishops Council of Pakistan standing united with the Christian community in Sargodha, Pakistan. The harrowing incident involved the burning of houses and businesses, and instilled fear among the Christian community in Pakistan.

There is a series of attacks on Christians. Recently few months before, On the 16th of August 2023, a mob of thousands burned numerous churches, 300 Christian houses, and thousands of Holy Bibles, looting and setting belongings on fire. These events have left Christian communities in Pakistan feeling unsafe and constantly fearful. We are providing legal services to all Christians in Pakistan, fighting for their rights and offering legal assistance to the persecuted. We will continue our services and urge the government and law enforcement agencies to halt the false accusations of blasphemy. A false accusation can ruin lives, decimate communities, and lead to severe consequences. We will keep raising our voices for persecuted Christians until we are alive.

We urge all Christians the global body of Christ to keep the Christians in Pakistan in your prayers. Pray for the victims and for Pakistan to experience the love of our God.

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