300 Christian Homes, 25 Churches and Thousands of Holy Bibles Burnt by Muslims

300 Christian Homes, 25 Churches and Thousands of Holy Bibles Burnt by Muslims

On August 16, 2023, just days after celebrating Independence Day, the Christian community in the Jaranwala area of Faisalabad saw their world turn upside down when angry mobs rampaged through their community, torching Churches, houses, and even holy books.

Within twenty-four hours, a mob of 3000-4000 people, mostly youth had gutted a total of 25 churches and 300 homes with an additional 40+ houses vandalized and partially destroyed. Residents of the community had to flee before the crack of dawn, hiding in fields and with relatives who lived in neighbouring districts. Back home, mobs ransacked and looted with complete impunity. 

After some spent the night under the open sky and it was deemed safe enough to return, they saw only destruction waiting for them. Houses were looted, and possessions they had saved for months to purchase were either badly damaged, burnt or simply stolen.

As they sat outside their still smouldering homes weeping, all they could do was wonder why such an incident took place and with them of all people.

“Whose responsibility is it to protect the lives, religious objects, and property of indigenous Christians and citizens of Pakistan?” they asked.

Homes, which were once full of life now lay eerily silent and devoid of human presence. Confusion races in the eyes of the children, their mothers clueless on how to restore peace in their lives, to assure them home is a place where they are safe. A picture of a young boy in his national dress trying to comfort his weeping mother shook the world.

Historically, Christians have contributed greatly to the area we today call Pakistan. Christian missionaries built and run Pakistan’s best educational, medical, and social support organizations. But these Christians have been living a miserable life for decades. While fellow Christians and the international community around the world are silent about this persecution and barbaric acts.

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